Thursday, March 26, 2015

what's going on???

I've already blown my idea of taking a picture on the same day each month....oops.  Otherwise lots of fun stuff going on in the castle.
-Jazz is trying out for dance team this week.  I can hardly believe that we are planning for Junior year.
-after being off work for 7 weeks after my surgery, I came back and right away have starting working as a charge nurse.  Some days I love it.  Some days not so much.  But I love getting more experience with different aspects of nursing.
-speaking of that.  I start precepting  next week.  :-)
-working on 3 certifications for work this year.  Should be interesting.  Pain management, Hospice and palliative care, and med surg
-Jazz has also started driving.  that's an interesting topic.  at least I already went through it with Lyric.  And Jazz is a pretty good drive.
-I working on some fun, recurring type topics for the blog.  Hopefully that will actually turn into something over the next few weeks.