Monday, April 20, 2015

Jamberry Nails - Lynn Miracola

Ever chip your manicure within days (or even hours)....with Jamberry you don't have to worry about that.  Jamberry is a revolutionary way to make your manicure last!  Nail wraps go on easy and last for about 10 days to 2 weeks.

To be a consultant there is a $99 sign on fee.  This includes catalogs, brochures, order forms, sample cards, a mini heater, 3 months of web hosting and much more. You earn a 30% discount on purchases as well as 30% commission on sales.  The requirement to stay active is 600PV every 12 months. (easy peasy, right?)  Carrying inventory is an option but not required.

Hostesses get 1 free sheet wrap with a $100 party.  As your party sales go up, you can earn hostess credit, half price items, and a discount on your order.  You can also use party credits to purchase your kit.  Jamberry offers the option of home, catalog or online parties, as well as fundraising.

Customers can buy three wraps and get one free (I have done this and my wraps were all super cute)

I wish I still had the pix from all the Jams we have tried, but I don't.  Application is a little bit of a learning process but it's fun to try new wraps and have pretty nails without having to pay salon prices.

If you need new jams or just want to see what cool options are available, click here

Tell Lynn I sent you and enjoy your Jams!

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