Monday, April 20, 2015

Jewelry In Candles

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Today’s business review is Jewelry in Candles. 
For three days only you can sign up for $1!!  That's a great investment for your future!!
The name is kind of self explainatory…you get a candle and there is jewelry in it J  I always wondered how this worked- what if I get a ring that doesn’t fit?  what if I order lots of candles and don’t need lots of rings?  Mystery solved.  You get to pick from rings, earrings or necklaces!!  So cool.  There are candles or tarts (melts).  The candles burn for about 150 hours and the tarts for 100 hours.  This is fantastic!  I’ve had candles that don’t smell much and burn out in a few days.


There are several kits to choose from starting at $29.95.  Then you make 30% commission and get a 30% discount.  You can earn a higher commission if you add to your team. 

Parties can be in home, online, catalog parties, or just online selling.  Lots of options to grow and promote your business.  There are weekly training calls to help you stay on track and get new ideas.  There are also new candle scents offered weekly.

Love jewelry?  Love candles?  Check this business out.  As a customer or a consultant I’d say it’s a win!


Click here to go to Christie’s e store.

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